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Proper Search Engine Optimisation is central to a successful digital strategy.

We build our websites with SEO at the core of our designs, in a structure that makes them highly visible to Google and other search engines. When it comes to content, we use tooling to identify the keywords that will help your clients find your pages, and then produce and order keyword-rich content in a way that ranks you highly for your chosen search queries.

Basically, we design and populate sites in a way that Google understands, and use a mixture of tooling and market/competitor research to push your site up the search results.

Meta Descriptions: We can populate your HTML attributes with keyword-rich meta descriptions to increase your click-through rates.

Title Tags: just like with your meta descriptions, we know how to work with your HTML elements to produce engaging, Search Engine Optimised title tags to increase click-through.

Technical Stuff

Pay Per Click involves targeting keywords and paying Google to rank you first place for those searches. We can advise on and manage these campaigns: targeting, monitoring and updating your PPC strategy to maximise high-intent traffic.

Our PPC campaigns include channel selection (there’s more than just Google), target audience identification, advertising creation and advert monitoring and optimising.

Strong SEO coupled with targeted PPC campaigns deliver results: ranking number 1 in Google is the goal.

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SEO, PPC & Keyword
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